We comply with the MARPOL 73/78 convention regarding waste generated off shore and the Basel convention regarding the transportation of waste.

MARPOL 73/78

MARPOL the international convention for the prevention of pollution from ships, covers the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes.

Basel Convention

The overarching objective of the Basel Convention is to protect human health and the environment against the adverse effects of hazardous wastes. Its scope of application covers a wide range of wastes defined as “hazardous waste” based on their origin and/or composition and their characteristics, as well as two types of wastes defined as “other wastes” – household waste and incinerator ash.

The reduction of hazardous waste generation and the promotion of environmentally sound management of hazardous waste. The restriction of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes except where it is perceived to be in accordance with the principles of environmentally sound management; and a regulatory system applying to cases where transboundary movements are permissible.