Waste Management

Produced water is a natural part of production in many industries. Often water is used to clean out tanks or containers at production sites, thus contaminating it with byproducts or leftover material from the production.

In some cases the wastewater can be discharged directly into the sewer, but in production that contains chemicals, crude oil, condensate or other hazardous materials, the waste water becomes an environmental hazard. In this case, the water will have to be treated at a treatment facility before it can be reused or discharged into the sewer.

Produced water can also be a health risk, if the water contains crude oil or condensate, as is often the case with slop, sludge and cleaning water from ships. A layer of flammable oil will often accumulate on the surface of the water and it may contain benzene. Along with oil or condensate, natural gas can get entrained or become dissolved in produced water. This gas can accumulate in tanks or vessels and become a fire hazard.

Offshore produced water can cause operational difficulties and high expenses for the platforms and their production. It demands a high level of coordination and timing to avoid costly delays and halted production offshore.

Marine Partner can help with logistics and transport when it comes to cleaning or disposal of produced water, in the most streamlined and cost efficient way possible. Contact us for more information regarding where to take the process water for optimal price, avoiding heavy delays, while keeping the whole process safe and ensuring proper handling.