Transport and Storage

Brokering and transportation of liquid and dry waste both domestically and internationally, is one of Marine Partner’s core expertises. Efficient and reliable brokering requires insight into a lot of different factors that are at play when it comes to transportation of waste from one location to another.

No matter the type of waste being transported, correct handling of permits and documents, and extensive knowledge waste properties is of utmost importance. When transporting waste across borders, international regulations and laws of the individual countries involved is important to take into account. Transportation on land by truck requires knowledge of applicable laws, handling of dangerous goods papers if needed (ADR) and other relevant documents.

As brokers of waste materials Marine Partner will secure the best price for our clients, by engaging in ongoing dialog with a variety of authorized treatment plants. This can only be achieved by developing extensive knowledge and reliable business relationships within our fields.

As brokers we can assist in arranging cost friendly transport and treatment of waste, and we only work with experienced and accredited subcontractors and treatment facilities.  

Vi are approved as broker, handler and transporter of waste by Danish authorities. Furthermore we are certified within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.