Tank Cleaning

Tanks on land will need proper cleaning if they change from one stored material to another, if the tank is sold on to new owners, or if the owners seek to achieve certain certificates. In all cases it is necessary that the tank is fully cleansed from any trace of the previous material stored in the tank, so that the new material will not be contaminated. 

However, tank cleaning can pose an expense and operational challenge that is hard to quantify as it is very dependent on many different parameters. Some of those challenges include properties of earlier stored materials, whether chemicals are needed for cleaning and the geographical accessibility of the tank. 

Geographical accessibility of the tanks is essential for locating local barges or treatment facilities. Furthermore, use of chemicals can be necessary depending on the earlier cargo and the difficulty of the cleaning. Chemicals will, however, usually drive the price up, and is therefore only a last solution when water will not do the job. 

Waste products from the cleaning process can be transported by road to the nearest treatment facility, or it can be transported by ship, depending on the location of the tank. 

Marine Partner can help you with not only cleaning the tank, but also disposing of the surplus waste material potentially remaining in the tank.  

Contact us for more information regarding what solutions we can assist you with, and be safe in the knowledge that the entirety of the operation will be carried out safely and with proper handling.