Our Mission

The preservation of the environment is a key concern for Marine Partner. This is reflected in all our operations and in all the clients we work with, who also strive to protect the environment in their daily operations.

Industrial waste pose a threat to our planet, but handled the right way, industrial waste can be reused as a renewable energy source. What cannot be up-, re- or downcycled, we can dispose of in an environmentally safe and efficient manner. This is a part of the circular economy, which focuses on upcycling rather than disposal.

Our primary mission is to enable circular economy by helping our clients utilize the value in their waste or dispose of it in the best possible manner. We believe it is possible to unlock synergies between industrial processes and sustainability, and we want to participate in creating environmental solutions for industries and businesses .

Our vision is to enable circular economy for business around the globe, thus being part of a global shift towards the reduction of waste disposal and upcycling of waste into new products.

Enabling circular economy for our clients is our core business, and by doing so our clients can concentrate on their own core business, safe in the knowledge that their waste is managed in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.

We have integrated our mission in our name: Marine Partner.

Marine has a double significance to us. First, we do the absolute majority of our work by sea transport and assisting the maritime industry. Second, we value marine life, and it is important to us that our environmental awareness is reflected in all our operations.

Partner: We are not consultants, we go into partnerships with our clients. This means, if you are interested in identifying a new market for your waste or byproduct, you are always welcome to submit an inquiry and we will be pleased to assist you. We work under the principle of no cure, no pay. We thrive on challenges and hopefully the partnerships that blossom from them.

At Marine Partner we value a culture of curiosity and creativity in our work. When we assist our clients in finding new ways of managing their waste, we encourage our team to think outside the box, and to approach every new assignment with a curious mind and fresh eyes. This so we can best develop a beneficial solution for our clients. We are a thorough, ambitious and a reliable business partner.