Deslopping and Debunkering

A tankship carrying liquid cargo or waste needs proper tank cleaning after each voyage to avoid contaminating the next cargo.

However tank cleaning pose an expense and operational challenge that is hard to quantify as it is very dependent on different parameters. Such as earlier cargos, whether chemicals are needed for cleaning and the geographical accessibility of vessel.

Geographical accessibility of the vessel is essential for locating local barges or treatment facilities. Furthermore chemicals can be necessary to use depending on the earlier cargo and the difficulty of the cleaning, but chemicals will also drive the price up, and is therefore only a last solution when water will not do the job.

The same can be said for oil tanks. Ships use heavy fuel oil for transport, which has a very high viscosity, and tend to stick to the inside of the tank. Over time this oil will form layers of a semi-solid substance, which can be extremely difficult to remove.

Furthermore, impurities in the oil will precipitate and attach itself to the bottom of the tank. These oil tanks must be cleaned on a regular basis. This is done with a deslopping, where a vessel will discharge slop water from the tank cleaning directly to a facility on land or to a barge offshore.

Marine Partner is able to handle disposal and treatment of wastewater from tank cleaning, slop and sludge from ship tanks and oil tanks. We offer a full service regarding deslopping, debunkering, demucking and waste handling.

Contact us for more information regarding where to take the waste for optimal price, avoiding heavy delays, while keeping the whole process safe and ensuring proper handling.

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