Salvage Sale

Seaborne trade accounts for by far the most of the global trade, with some 90% of the world trade being transported by sea. Over 50,000 merchant ships, registered in 150 countries, with an annual transported cargo volume consisting of some 10,7 billion tons (2017), seaborne world trade has quadroubled over the past four decades. 

With such large amounts being transported each year, it is inevitable that cargo will sometimes get damaged or contaminated. On any given voyage cargo risk exposure to physical damage from being dropped or knocked, damage from exposure to water, or contaminants, such as chemicals or the like.

These types of damage is often due to negligence by the shipper or the warehouse of origin, in either incorrect packing or incorrect loading to the vessel. However, it can also come from accidents during the voyage, which are impossible to predict beforehand.  

Damage or contamination will possibly result in a decreased value of the cargo, og it might be outright rejected by the recipient. No longer suitable for its original purpose, and, depending on the different variables, the cargo either has to be disposed of or sold on for another purpose.

However damaged or contaminated cargo does not automatically equal a total loss of value. Marine Partner’s experienced team can help you with logistics and paperwork for salvaging damaged goods and to locate possible resale opportunities.

Contact us for more information regarding what to do with damaged/contaminated cargo for optimal solutions, possibly avoiding heavy losses in price.